Armed with surprisingly big vocals and an acoustic guitar, Tyler Suard and his deep, heartfelt music continue to resonate with listeners around the globe.   Little more than a year after the release of his self-titled debut album, his distinctive voice and honest songs have won him die-hard fans in over 26 countries.  IGoToShowsLA.Com said of the California boy: "He has a beautiful, unexpectedly deep voice."  Says Phil Cody(Co-writer: "Laughter In The Rain" with Neil Sedaka): "Tyler is everything a songwriter should be.  He's daring and fearless, and he has such a beautiful, bizarre mind.  Stardom: inevitable."  
     As he started writing songs in his late teens, Tyler discovered an innate talent for creating music in many different styles.  R&B, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Country, Pop, and Ska began to pour out of the young writer  at a feverish pace.  Immediately after college, he moved to the LA area and began pursuing music full-time.

     Fans’ stories of how his music has touched them make him smile. “One man who lives in China told me that he listens to my CD every time he drives.  Just thinking about him driving around Beijing bumping my tunes makes me very happy.”

     While such moments with individual fans mean so much, Tyler enjoys the experience of performing, especially in a place as exciting as Hollywood: "The other day Darth Vader came up to me.  I thought he was going to ask me to join the dark side, but apparently he liked my voice and he wanted me to keep singing.”

     When he’s not on stage, he usually can be found with guitar in hand, writing or studying.  "When people ask me what I do for fun, I don't really know what to tell them.  Music is sort of an all-consuming thing for me, and it's nice to have my passion be my job as well.  Most of the time when I come home from singing I feel happy and fulfilled."

     He already has a number of songs ready for his next full length album and they undoubtedly will reflect the changes he has made as a developing songwriter:  "For years I wrote songs just because I wanted to be successful.  I would sit down and say, 'Now I want to write a #1 hit.' And people just weren't responding to my songs the way I wanted them to.  It wasn't until I let that go, when I started writing songs that I enjoy, that others started getting into my music too."

     Fans who aren't able to catch Tyler on the street can download his debut album on iTunes.

     After several bands and even a year of living homeless, Tyler currently works as a performer in Santa Monica, and the greater LA area, selling CD's and signing autographs. 

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